Best sweeping equipment brands in Australia

Best sweeping equipment brands in Australia

Different sweeping equipment brands in Australia are known for developing amazing products suitable for industrial, road and domestic purposes. A comprehensive range of sweeping equipment including scrubbers, vacuums, sweepers and pressure washers are supplied by internationally known brands. Many epoxy flooring & coating companies also use professional sweeping equipment before and after polishing to ensure consistency in the floor area.

The sweeping and scrubbing products from the leading brands in Australia assist increasing productivity and minimising the down times. Every popular brand of sweeping equipment develop the range of spares like brooms, brushes, scrub brushes in different grades, cylindrical filters, panel filters, vacuum motors, valves, broom drive motors, squeegee blades, hydraulic pumps, scouring pads and different engine components.

Schwarze brand

Schwarze brand is known for producing regenerative air sweepers that use a blast of increased volume air to remove debris from the pavement surface or road. The sweeper is then lifted into containment hopper through the suction tube. The suction and blast is produced by the exclusive Whisper wheels fan system of Schwarze. The presence of double belted curtains on the rear and front of the sweeping head feature the circulating air to ensure reduced fugitive dust particles. They are environment friendly, unlike the mechanical sweepers.

Like popular tractor maker Kubota, these are efficient systems as well. Highly effective regenerative systems hold the micron-sized contaminants which accumulate on streets and roads. It has been emphasised to clear these pollutants by studies and later blocking them from entering runoff of storm water. The use of regenerative air sweepers leads to cleaner environment and cleaner streets.

ASC suppliers in Australia

ASC is one of the leading commercial and industrial sweeping equipment brands producing a diverse variety of professional sweepers and scrubbers to cater to all industrial requirements in Australia. Many industrial scrubbers and sweeper machines are manufactured, tested and sourced for lasting quality and efficient cleaning performances that are also backed by warranties.

The extensive range of sweeping machines produced by this brand includes heavy duty industrial sweepers, scrubbers and street sweepers and a wide assortment of small size push behind manual sweepers and motorized electric scrubbers and sweepers. This brand also provides alternative fuel options including CNG, LPG, and diesel power and traction battery. By supplying the extensive variety of quality built sweeping brand to meet all industries, the Australian industrial and commercial market is enriched with the world’s superior sweeper machine technologies.

Dulevo International

Being a famous brand, Dulevo manufactures a large variety of ride-on sweeping equipment crafted to clean the large outdoor settings, such as airstrips, bays, streets, urban areas and car parks. When you have an issue of dust, then Dulevo 100 elite sweeper is just a perfect solution. This is a heavy duty rider sweeper to operate in very dusty environments. It can pick up fine dust as well as large gravel with the same ease. It is an iconic sweeper for industrial applications as well as to be employed in every logistic or public area like loading docks, warehouses, parking and so on. This industrial sweeper features high power, large hoppers, excellent sweeping results and high performing suction system.

The action performed by the broom cleans the debris and the dust in a large capacity hopper. The dust is then controlled as well as aspirated by a very powerful turbine which enables clean air via a high performance filter. This dust filter is created out of a special filtering fabric which ensures zero dust mechanism in the environment and produces only clean air.

Sweeping equipment from Mach Line brand

The Mach M evolution by Mach line brand is a manual sweeper having a total sweeping path of about 700 mm. It is capable of sweeping up to 2100 square meter per hour and thereby more than ten times speed than a human with a broom.

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