Four Myths Of Child Custody

Child custody: it is one of those things that get thrown around alot in the family court. Hell, it even gets thrown around in other courts when touchy family situations comes up. There is no doubt that you’ve the term and probably assume what it is all about. Well, that is not entirely true: there are plenty of myths that have been built up around child custody. What is real and what is fake? What is the truth and what is a lie? Thanks to the best family and small business lawyers in Melbourne in Pentana Stanton, we have the truths behind the myths.

Myth 1: The parent who leaves forfeits child custody

This is always considered the main cause that someone is entitled to have custody: that the other parent leaves or walks out. The court does not see it like that. The court will assess the parent for what they are, and what they can do to help the kid or kids. The parent might have had to leave for certain reasons, and the court will assess the reasons before making a decision.

Myth 2: Only a lawyer can represent you in court

Do you not have to a lawyer in court when it comes to battling custody. You are in your rights to handle the court case yourself and make your plea. Do you not have to have a lawyer by your side at any time during the case. However, we do suggest that finding a family law solicitor in Melbourne is the best option. They will be able to help your cause and provide you with in-depth information on how to handle the court and case.

Myth 3:  Mothers are favored in child custody

This is the greatest, and biggest, rumour when it comes to child custody. There is always the perception that mothers will be awarded custody and the father will have to pay the fees over the next few years. But that is not always the case. The court will assess the status of both parents and see who is better to look after the child. If the father is the more capable parent, you will take custody; and vice-verse for the mother.

Myth 4: Child custody order by the court is final

As with any court decision, you can always appeal and fight back. That is what can happen when the child custody decision does not go your way. You can always appeal the decision and ensure that you are in for a fair shot when it comes to your court case.

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