Give your floor a new look

Stones are the base of any flooring. Wherever a person may be living or working it is always seen that stones are put. Not only are they an important part of your furnishings but are also a treat to the eyes. They increase the aesthetic level of the place and are appealing too. Stones can be put anywhere from residences to work places. The only thing to be made sure is that professionals be called in whenever such type of hard work is to be done. You can easily get people who have years of experience in this particular field and will help you according to your needs. The services are undoubtedly top notch.

There are basically 11 types of stones which are provided by the companies. These are the main stones which are used and other than these there also many stones but customers prefer these ones more because of the look it gives to the place.

  1. MARBLES – It is actually a metamorphic limestone which when polished and shaped turns out into a beautiful and shiny looking stone. It is made of calcium carbonate. These come in a lot of varieties consisting of having spots, or lines and different colors. One of the most important properties of this stone is that it does not need any polishing or waxing for it to look shiny as it has that shiny glass like shining feature naturally in it.
  2. GRANITE – It is a stone which is very light in color and an igneous rock with grains visible in it. It is made up mainly of quartz and feldspar. These come in various colors like absolute black granite, Bala flower, black galaxy, colonial cream, English teak, rosewood granite, gold granite, Ghibli granite. These are used as flooring tiles in buildings and houses or commercial places. It is a very elegant type of stone and gives a very appealing look to the place it is used on. It is an ideal stone for construction purposes and flooring purposes.
  3. LIMESTONE – This one is a hard sedimentary rock mainly made up of calcium carbonate, it can also be used in making cement. They are also used in making tiles or tops and paving floors of commercial buildings or residences. They have properties such as high resistance to freezing and thawing conditions and so it is an ideal stone in architecture structures. Sometimes it is also crushed and used as construction material which is helpful if some of it is remaining after using it for flooring purposes. It is also used on window sills.
  4. SLATE STONE – It is a homogeneous metamorphic rock composed of volcanic ash. It is one of the finest forms of rocks. The colors include green, black, yellow, brown and red. This stone absorbs oil and other liquids and can be easily cleaned too.

So we all know that applying stones and using it for flooring purposes is a very difficult task and you cannot do it yourselves so it is essential and necessary that you call professionals who have given years into this service and know what the customer wants and what is best for them. If you’re looking for affordable ledge stones supplier, then look no further! Indus Stack Stones are the best suppliers in Melbourne and they know what to look for in quality stones.

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