Important things about Splashbacks, Screens and Mirrors

Homes and residences look good when they are styled the best. The best looking feature is glass. Glasses and glazing look very elegant, classy and attractive in a home. To provide customers with the best type of glass features for their homes, professionals provide services which are affordable to people. Different colors, sizes and shapes of glass features are provided to customers according to their budget and needs. The different types of glass features provided by professionals are glass splashbacks, shower screens and mirrors.

GLASS SPLASHBACKS – These are finely polished and made from a single glass piece which helps retain the shines is an important quality of this feature. These are usually made from float glass and they need to be toughened to meet the standard requirements. The thickness of the thickened glass should be at least 6mm. These are customized made according to the place where it has to be put. These are available in a variety of different sizes and colors and the two main forms of coloring them are:

  • CERAMIC FRIT – in this process, the ceramic paint is screen painted directly onto the glass and after that, it is baked during the toughening process.
  • TWO PACK URETHANE – this is the process in which color is spray painted on to the glass which is already toughened then after this it is air dried or baked on to.

Now the cost of glass splashbacks is a little more than that of a normal tiling and it also depends on the size, shape as well as the fact that it is colored or not.

SHOWER SCREENS – These look elegant, classy and are very easy to maintain. They make the room look spacious and create a seamless flow of water inside your washroom. Nowadays most of the houses have shower screens as they are the best feature of any bathroom.

There are three types of shower screens:

  1. Frameless – In making the screens a wide variety of hardware tools are used including standard hinges, support bars, door handles, door knobs, shelf clamps and glass fixing brackets.
  2. Semi-frameless – In this one, there is a slim perimeter with either a sliding door or a frameless pivot door. There are two types of frames namely, pivot door and elegant design.
  3. Framed – These are beautiful shower screens with smooth rounded corners and profiles which eliminate soap and dirt traps in corners.

The benefits of putting up shower screens in homes are many including style, easy maintenance, spacious showers, long lasting, variety of colors, sizes and shapes.

MIRRORS – These enhance the look of the rooms in an instant and can be put up anywhere. These come in all shapes and sizes and are easy in maintenance too. Customers can either go for frameless mirrors or mirrors with frames.

Professionals have come up with a variety of features to deck up your living areas with low costs and low maintenance qualities giving the customer freedom of choice.