Important Things You Should Know About ADHD

Think that your child might have ADHD? Do they act differently than usual? How do you know? Well, there are a lot of ways to tell if your child or teen is developing the hallmarks of ADHD (such as inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity). That is why we have this blog down for you in regards to knowing a little bit more about ADHD:

There Are Acutally 3 Types Of ADHD Catergories

Many people think there is only one type of ADHD: but the fact remains that there are three different types available! And each of these three catergories have different affects. Here ar the three broken down for you:

  1. The first is the most classic case where people have hyperactivity and impulsivity. Which means they are more likely to never slow down, always talking and fidgeting and find difficulties staying on task.
  2. The second is known for people having impulsivity, which means they will always be interrupting and taking risks when not needed.
  3. Finally, there is the third type which is known for inattention. This means the person might always get distracted, have poor concentration and organisational skills.

While kids and teens are thrown into one of these catergories, in many cases there is an overlap of a few of them.

ADHD Is A Brain Disorder

Despite the consesus that you can treat and influence ADHD, it is a brain disorder which means you can’t just switch it off and on. Children and teenagers can’t jsust overcome symptoms of ADHD by “trying to concentrate harder”. They need to take steps in order to managing it and helping them out in the future.

What Are The Ways That Can Help?

There are many ways that can help when it comes to ADHD. By undertaking a few of the following steps you can make a huge difference to how your kid lives in the everyday world:

  • Behaviour therapy
    The least evasive method and one that helps with social norms and cues.
  • Medications
    For extreme cases that help, but recommended for older kids who can manage it.
  • Education and training
    A more constructive and slowly building process that helps when it comes to helping kids with ADHD.
  • ADHD Coaching
    Working with someone that can help them understand and coach them through everyday activities and situations.

We hope that you are now well informed about ADHD. For more information on adhd in teens and children, reach out to Think Organise Do. From Autism in toddlers to ADHD, they have have the information you need. They are ready to help you when you need it!

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