Reglazing, Tub Replacement Or Bath Resurfacing – Know Your Options

Bathtubs are important fixtures in bathrooms. They allow you to enjoy a relaxing bath. However, with usage over a period of time, they tend to get stained, cracked and dirty. When looking to remodel bathtubs, there are several options which may be chosen. You may choose to replace the bathtub, re-glaze it or resurface it using liners. You may opt for bath resurfacing cairns by Inner bath in order to restore the original beauty of your bath tub. The other options which may be chosen include:

Replacing the bathtub

Replacing the bathtub offers a complete way of remodelling the bath. When quality bathtubs are installed in the right manner, these tubs last for a considerable period of time. Installing a new bathtub can free you from the worry of leakages in the tub caused due to holes and cracks. Bath replacement however proves to be a time consuming task. The project may take a considerable amount of time and also prove to be expensive. Bath replacements may also damage the flooring. Such floors may require repairs or replacements. This may prove to be quite costly.


Re-glazing is also known as re-enamelling. The process involves covering and filling in the chips and cracks. Once this is done, re-glazing is done on the surface to give it a shiny finish. Re-glazing also adds strength to the surface. The process is also known as refinishing and is preferred by many homeowners. The process is time consuming and also quite cost effective. Despite of its advantages, re-glazing also has some drawbacks. The major drawback of re-glazing is that the look does not last long. Re-glazing also involves usage of certain harmful chemicals. This may cause harm to the respiratory system of humans.

Acrylic tub liners

Acrylic bathtub liners may be fitted on the existing tub. The process does not involve tearing the old tub. It hence proves to be a cost effective process and is also less time consuming. The tub liners usually last longer than re-glazing and hence form a preferred choice of many. This is a quick and effective method for restoring the natural appeal of the bathtub. The liners are generally made off site. This helps in saving a considerable amount of time and hence offers a feasible method.

Bath resurfacing offers several benefits over refinishing and replacing in terms of durability, cost and time. While opting for bath resurfacing, it is however important to choose professionals who offer quality services. The skilled professionals ensure that the resurfacing task is done efficiently. Professional shower repairs in brisbane services also undertake bath resurfacing and re-glazing tasks. They may be chosen for quality services.