Square Set and Cornicing

In the larger part of household houses cornice is the most famous tasteful hope to join the dividers to the roof. Plastering can offer both cornice and square set.


Plain plasterboard cornicing is by and large the most financially savvy divider to roof join detail available. This is because of its shoddy establishment, simplicity of use and its strong acknowledgment in the Australian development industry.

CSR Gyprock cornice is intended to give an alluring completion at the intersection of the divider and roof. It can be utilized on gyprock plasterboard, sinewy mortar or concrete rendered surfaces.

The most widely recognized cornice utilized is 55, 75 and 90 mm Cove Cornice. There are different assortments. For example, Gyprock Symphony makes a solid shadow line impact of the rhythm with an appealing wave.

The style of Gyprock Classic cornice gives an unobtrusive, differentiating line and shadow where the divider and roof meet highlighting the sentiment space.

Gyprock Concerto cornice joins smooth bends and sharp lines with an unobtrusive stride’ which makes an emotional shadow where the divider meets the roof.

Gyprock Tempo Cornice gives a genuine ‘edge’ with its various shadow line impacts and makes a fresh, advanced feel.

Gyprock Jazz – If a cool, retro state of mind is the thing that you need in your home, look at Jazz Cornice from CSR Gyprock.

With the unmistakable 3 stage profile, cornicing provides a sophisticated finish, and comes in a variety of profiles and sizes to suit your project. From the simple but modern Cove cornice to decorative Victorian styles, cornicing by plasterers in Melbourne add a feeling of height and space, as well as beautiful details to your interiors.

Square Set

Square-set cornices by plasterers in Melbourne are mainstream alternatives in the Australian lodging market. This kind of divider to roof join sort is likely the most practical after plain plasterboard cornicing and suites present day style homes.

Square set corners pull in more creepy crawlies and are harder to keep clearer of spider webs than straightforward plasterboard cornices. It is the main option complete where the divider and roof joins meet giving a present day square edge look. Either paper tape or metal inner point can be utilized for this wrap up.

Paper tape is connected with compound, and then moved utilizing an extraordinary device to bond the compound, tape and Gyprock.

Metal inside edge is sliced to length and stapled at each 200mm interim. Then the compound is connected utilizing a 5″ cutting edge to the divider and roof intersection. Once both have dried and solidified, one can apply best coat and sand.

Having completed many modern and contemporary projects, the quality plastering companies deliver perfectly straight square sets and window reveals for your doors and skirting boards.

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