What Is External Wall Insulation – And The Facts You Should Know!

One of the most overlooked parts of any home is the insulation system. A lot of people – renters, buyers, and homeowners – don’t pay particular attention this little nugget. This is because it ain’t as obvious as others. It doesn’t stand out as big as other things that people look for in the house. But insulation is important – especially when it comes to external wall insulation. We spoke to Masterwall – the experts in providing the best underfloor insulation solution for homes- and thanks to them, we are going to explain to you why this particular thing of your home is going to have a massive impact how you live.

What Is External Wall Insulation? 

In its basic notion, external wall insulation involves fixing a layer of insulation material (glass, wool, metal and more) to the wall, then covering it with a layer to let it provide an extra layer of protection to keep warm airflow inside the home. The insulation can come in many forms, including insulated panels in Perth. This is the basic premise of an external wall insulation.

Why Is It So Important? 

Now, onto the good stuff: why is it important to have external wall insulation? Here is what you will get when it comes to installing this system:

  • It will reduce reliance on heating and cooling systems
  • It will reduce your energy use and lower greenhouse gas emissions
  • Will reduce condensation on internal walls and can help prevent damp
  • Can make the building more airtight, reducing drafts and heat loss
  • Keeps warm and cool air in your home
  • Help you save money on your energy bills

Now Some Numbers & Figures To Convince You

To convince you more of the benefits of getting external wall insulation installed in your home, we have provided you with a list of figures to showcase this point:

  • You will save approximately $700 per year on your bills
  • You can save approximately 1.9 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year
  • It will improve the appearance of the property
  • It will also increase the property’s value by 10%
  • The installation will also help with waterproofing and sound resistance, giving you a further 5% on top of the property’s value.

We hope that these facts and figures have helped you with your decision about external wall cladding. For more information, speak to the experts at Masterwall. They can help you with all your needs.

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